Tender Notices
Tender Ref. Number Tender Descriptions Branch Closing Date
Corrigendum for P/16/17-18 dated 21/09/2017 Due Date Extended 31/10/2017. Transportation Tenders:
1) Factory to CSD, Sewree
2) Factory to Local Distributors/Booking Office
3) Clearing goods in CSD received from HO.
4) Factory to various Distributors/Institutuions.
5) Factory To various Depots.
Mumbai 31-10-2017
Pl/R&P/08, Date:19.10.2017 Items:
1.Colloidal Silicon Dioxide IP
2.Methyl Paraben (Nipazin) IP
3.Sodium Metabisulphite IP
Maniktala 27-10-2017
GT/BCPL-MFY/HAZ/01/17-18, Dated: 19th Oct, 2017 NIGT for submission of Annual Return for hazardous waste, hazardous waste manifest, painting of environmental information display board at BCPL Manicktala Works, Kolkata - 54. Maniktala 26-10-2017
Corrigendum No: BCPL/LL/02/2017-18/Corri-2 Date: 13th October, 2017. Tender no: BCPL/LL/02/2017-18, Dated: 16th Sep, 2017 with scheduled date of submission on 6th October, 2017 which was extended till 13th October is now further extended to 24th October, 2017 Maniktala 24-10-2017
LT/PM/PT-Silver-Labels/2017-18 . Date: 07 -10-2017. NIT to procure 1Lakh Pcs of Printed Labels for Silver Sulfadiazine for Manicktala works Maniktala 24-10-2017
LT/PM/METRO-PT-CT/2017-18 . Date: 20 -09-2017 NIT to procure 3Lakh Pcs of Printed Cartons for Metronidazole 400mg for Manicktala Works Maniktala 24-10-2017
Tender No: PL/PM /Diclo-CT/17-18. Date: 14-09-2017. NIT to procure Printed Carton for Diclofenac Sodium Gel 30gm for Manicktala Works, Qty: 4Lakh pcs (Supply in Phase Manner) Maniktala 24-10-2017
Corrigendum No: BCPL/LL/02/2017-18/Corri-1 Date: 6th October, 2017. Notice Extending the bid opening date on 13th October, 2017 instead of 6th October, 2017 for our Loan Licensing tender no: BCPL/LL/02/2017-18, Dated: 16th Sep, 2017. Maniktala 24-10-2017
EOI No. BCPL/LL/02/2017-18, Dated: 16th September, 2017 Invitation of Maniktala 24-10-2017
Tender No: PL/PM /Eutheria-CT/17-18. Date: 14-09-2017. NIT to Procure 2Lakh Pcs of Printed Carton for Eutheria 20gms for Manicktala Works (Supply will be as per BCPL Call-Up) Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/LT/Beta/HK/01/17-18, Dated: 5th October, 2017 NIT for Housekeeping Staffs for Betalactum Block & wherever require at BCPL Manicktala factory at BCPL Manicktala factory at 164, Manicktala Main Road Kolkata Maniktala Closed on
PL/HW/PUR/28/17-18 Dt.12.10.2017 Tender for Castor Wheel of Stacker Machine outer Dia 5", Bearing 6204Z NBC India, Cast Iron moulded wheel covered PU. Panihati Closed on
PL/HW/PUR/27/17-18 Dt.12.10.2017 Tender for supply installation & Commissioning of 2Ton of Compressor for 2 Ton split AC Samsung make & also R22 gas refilling Panihati Closed on
Tender enquiry no.PL/HW/PUR/26/2017-18 Dt.11.10.2017 Miscellaneous stk items for Hardware store vide enquiry no.PL/HW/PUR/26/17-18 Dt.11.10.17 Panihati Closed on
RT/HW/18/2017-18,Dt11/10/2017 Limited ReTender for Annual Inspection and renewal of cirtification for the use of a boiler at Mfy Maniktala Closed on
PL/R&P/07, date:11.10.2017 Item:5 Ply C B box for Tab & Cap (plain) Maniktala Closed on
PL/PM/07, date:11.10.2017 Item:5Ply Corrg. C. B. Box for Eutheria Maniktala Closed on
Corrigendum 3 for extension of Tender PT/QT/PUR/05/17-18 Dt.16.09.17 Corrigendum 3 for extension of Tender PT/QT/PUR/05/17-18 Dt.16.09.17 Panihati Closed on
PL/R&P/06/Corri/1, Date:13.10.2017 Corrigendum for due date extension.
(Ref T. No PL/R&P/06, Date:06.10.2017
Maniktala Closed on
PL/CH/08/Corri/1,Dt.11.10.2017 Corrigendum for due date extension.
(Ref T.No PL/CH/08, Dt.06.10.2017 for item Silver sulphadiazine IP)
Maniktala Closed on
PL/PM/06/Corri/1,Dt.11.10.2017 Corrigendum for due date extension.
(Ref T. No PL/PM/06, date:06.10.2017 for 5ply cb box for 18 Units x 500Gm Silver Sulphadiazine
Maniktala Closed on
PL/R&P/05/Corri/2, Date:09.10.2017 Corrigendum for due date extension for Ethyl Cellulose .
(Ref. T. No PL/R&P/05, Date:25.09.2017)
Maniktala Closed on
PL/R&P/06, Date:06.10.2017 Item:Cefixime IP (comp) Maniktala Closed on
RT/BCPL/ATT/01B/2017-18, Dated: 26th September, 2017 NIT for signing annual rate contract for Goods transportation from BCPL Manicktala Works to our Depots and C&Fs. Maniktala Closed on
PT/QT/PUR/05/2017-18 Dt.16.09.2017 Corrigendum 2 regarding extension of tender vide enquiry no.
PT/QT/PUR/05/2017-18 Dt.16.09.2017
Panihati Closed on
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Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. is precursor of the present Company, Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd formed by Acharya P. C. Ray. The company became the first Indian Company to manufacture quality Chemicals, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Home Products, employing indigenous technology, skill and raw materials.
Registered Office of BCPL
Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited
Address: 6 Ganesh Chunder Avenue,
Kolkata - 700 013
E-mail: secretariat@bengalchemicals.co.in
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