Tender Notices
Tender Ref. Number Tender Descriptions Branch Closing Date
BCPL/2022-23/ET/13, DATE:25.06.2022 Items:
1. 100ml Amber PET bottle for Povidone Iodine Solution.
2. 25mm Black colour Plastic Cap, (Weener Make)
Maniktala 30-06-2022
BCPL/Mfy/Self Adhesive -Benflam Sticker/3/22-23 Date:23.06.2022 Item: Printed Self gumming sticker for Benflam (PVMS) Maniktala 29-06-2022
BCPL/MFY/Benflam & Eutheria Carton/05/22-23 Date:23.06.2022 Item: printed Cartons for
1. Benflam
2.Eutheria 20gm
Maniktala 29-06-2022
BCPL/Mfy/HW/02/2022-23/Corri-1, Date: 24.06.2022 Corrigendum for due date extension for various hardware items against T.No BCPL/Mfy/HW/02/2022-23 Dt.17.06.2022 Maniktala 28-06-2022
BCPL/MFY/01/HW/Hazardous Waste/2022-23, Date:22.06.2022 Jobs: Collection & Compilation and submission of Hazardous Wastes, painting and display of environmental information.
Analysis of Boiler stack, DG noise testing and analysis of drinking water etc. at Maniktala Works
Maniktala 28-06-2022
BCPL/MFY/Metformin Carton/04/22-23, Date: 20.06.2022 Item: Printed Cartons for Metformin 500mg Maniktala 27-06-2022
BCPL/MFY/Alu Foil/02/22-23 ,Date:17.06.2022 Items: Printed Alu Foil for
1. Norfloxacin + Tinidazole
2. Levofloxacin 500mg
3.Ofloxacin 200mg
Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/Mfy/HW/02/2022-23, Date:17.06.2022 Items: Various Hardware items for Maniktala Unit. Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/11, Date:18.06.2022 E-Tender for Various APIs for Maniktala Unit. Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/MFY/Tinidazole & Azithro 250mg Carton/03/22-23 Dt.17.6.2022 Item: Printed cartons for Tinidazole
Printed carton for Azithromycin 250mg
Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/9/Corri-3, Date: 15.06.2022 Corrigendum for further due date extension for "Various Corrugated CB box" Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/Mfy/Furnace Oil/03/2022-23/Corri-1, Date:15.06.2022 Corrigendum for due date extension for item: Furnace Oil Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/10, Date:09.06.2022 Item: ROPP Caps -25mm Panihati Closed on
BCPL/MFY/Rhu Aguru/01/2022-23, Date:08.06.2022 Item: Rhu Aguru Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/9/Corri-2, date: 10.06.2022 Corrigendum for further due date extension for item "" Various corrugated CB Box" Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/Mfy/Furnace Oil/03/2022-23, Dtae: 08.06.2022 Item: Furnace Oil Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/ESTATE/CO/2022-23/02/Corri-3, Date:02.06.2022 Corrigendum for due date extension of EoI & Bids for Selection of tenant to rent out the office space available at Mumbai Unit 502, S.V Savarkar Marg Prabhadevi (opp: Worli Fire Station )
Panihati Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/9/Corri-1, date:06.06.2022 Corrigendum for due date extension for supply of Various "Corrugated CB box"" Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/MFY/Canthra Fragrance/01/22-23 Date:03.06.2022 Item: Canthra Fragrance Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/Mfy/Self Adhesive - Sticker Label/2/22-23 , Date: 31.05.2022 Printed Sticker Labels for Povidone Iodine 250gm Pot for GMSD. Maniktala Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/9, DATE:30.05.2022 Item: For supply of various 7 Ply Corrugated CB Box. Maniktala Closed on
PH/06/HW/PUR/22-23 Dt 30.05.2022 Please quote the best possible offer of Phenol filling line spare. Details please see in the attachments.... Panihati Closed on
PH/05/HW/PUR/22-23/Corri-1, Date:30.05.2022 Corrigendum for due date extension
Furnace Oil for Boiler Dept. of Panihati Unit.
Panihati Closed on
BCPL/ESTATE/CO/2022-23/02 Dt.27.04.2022 EOI & bids for selection of a tenant to rent out the office space available at Mumbai unit 502,S.V Savarkar Marg,Prabhadevi (opp worli fire station) Mumbai - 4000 25. Details please see the attachments...... Panihati Closed on
BCPL/2022-23/ET/8, Date:26.05.2022 ITEM: PET Bottle for Cantharidine 100ml Maniktala Closed on
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Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. is precursor of the present Company, Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd formed by Acharya P. C. Ray. The company became the first Indian Company to manufacture quality Chemicals, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Home Products, employing indigenous technology, skill and raw materials.
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